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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pop Rocks

Joy, Ogz & I were watching teevee one night and sumpthin' on the Food Network was explaining how different famous candies are made. When Pop Rocks was presented, they were both shocked when I told them that I haven't tasted nor seen this candy before. Joy promised to buy me one when they visit the mall soon.

And so, today, I got my first Pop Rocks candy. I was excited to taste the "experience". When I opened the small sachet, the candy looks like sugar granules. It's almost Halloween so the colors are very Halloween-ish.
Then I poured some on my mouth. Ogz & Joy were coaching me on what and what not to do with it.

And then the popping started. It's such a weird experience. I could hear some popping inside my mouth. If you haven't tried it, go buy one soon.

I truly enjoyed eating it. Thanks, Joy. Mwah!


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