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Sunday, October 26, 2008


I failed. Remember that I haven't been spending these past few weeks? Well, today, I gave in to the call of the Shopping Gods. 

I went to Nordstrom to check out what's new in the Ed Hardy section. I need sumpthin' nice to wear to New York.

I found a gray shirt that has an eagle design in between two red skeletons. Perfect for Halloween, eh? Then I found a yellow one with a nice mermaid design in front. I couldn't decide which one to get. Crap! I left the area.
An hour later, I went back. I still couldn't decide. I tried the black one on. It looks nice on the mannequin too. I hate mannequins. They quietly tease you to get whatever items they're wearing. They want you to look like 'em.

The sales associate named Jay was giving me the look of "C'mon, man, buy the freakin' shirt!" 

I kinda like the yellow shirt too because I don't have a yellow Ed Hardy shirt yet and there aren't too many yellows in my closet. Oh, bloody hell...


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