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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Simple Life

When my friends invited me to go to the mall with them today, I was, like, uhm, apprehensive. I told myself that I would minimize my spending 'cause I need to pay my HUGE debt back home.

It's hard to resist when left and right, you're seeing things that you want or need. Like, when I went to Finish Line. I saw this nice pair of Ed Hardy shoes. I wanted to buy it but I thought, "No, Don. You must not. Return the shoe on its rack".

One nice thing happened today though. I lost the backing of my earring 2 weeks ago. So I went to Zales, a jewelry store, and asked a lady if they have available pieces. She looked for some and I tried it on my stud. When I found the perfect one, I asked how much it costs. She told me that it's for free. Yay!

Then she asked if I'd like to apply for a credit card, I told her that I don't have a State ID but I have my driver's license from the Philippines. She brightened up and asked, "San ka sa atin?" ;oP We chatted for awhile. I didn't forget to thank her again before I left the place.

I visited Brookstone for my free massage. While I was in the chair, I noticed a presence beside me. I opened my eyes. A sales associate reminded me that they have 5-minute trial in the store. Crap!


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