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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Up Up and Away!

Woke up around 6:30 today. This is one of the earliest times I've awaken. I'm not complaining because today, we're going to Shenandoah for the hot air balloon festival and Luray Caverns.

I could smell bacon in the kitchen. Joy must have cooked some for brekky. We're supposed to leave at 7 but we still have to prepare for our lunch (composed mostly of sandwiches). Joy is expert at packing stuff for peeps.

In our car, Joy sat behind the wheel and Ogz did the navigation. I relaxed in the back seat. In the other car, Freya's the driver while Rene had a copy of the directions. Jet and Michelle are co-passengers.

It took us about an hour to get to Historic Long Branch. I got excited when I saw a few balloons up in the air already. There's even a dog-shaped balloon!

After paying for the 10-dollar entrance fee, we went inside to get a closer look at 'em balloons. Unforch, we kinda lost our friends. They took a different route. While waiting for them, we took these shots:
Turned out that the balloon festival started early in the morning. We're only down to the last 2 remaining balloons. After awhile, they packed 'em up. Too bad our friends missed them =o(
Aside from the balloons, a lotta things are going on too. You can ride on monster trucks, watch the firetruck parade, buy some crafts and sample some wine while listening to cool music. Too bad it's also freakin' cold. It's 51 degrees!
Joy just discovered the Color Accent feature in her digicam which lets you pick a single color in your photo and the rest would be in black & white. Kinda neat trick (considering I used to spend hours to achieve this in Photoshop).
After spending some time taking photos, we left the place and headed to Luray Caverns...



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