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Monday, November 03, 2008

Bye Bye, New Yawk

The day started with a worship. We heard mass at St. Peter's Patrick's Cathedral. The gospel was about remembering our loved ones who passed away. I kept thinking about my daddy and couldn't help getting teary-eyed.
Then we had our coffee at Dean & Deluca. I also got myself a very delish cupcake. Unforch, I didn't get its name. It has vanilla & chocolate layer *drools*

We did some shopping at the NBC store next. I got Kuya a shirt. H&M was our next stop. I got myself some gloves. It's freakin' cold today.

Afterwards, we went inside the Disney store. Felt like a kid again.
We had lunch at Junior's. I got myself some calamari and a half rack. Joy ordered some cheesecake and shared it with all of us. Thanks, Joy!

The A&F store on Fifth Avenue always has a queue of shoppers. Maybe this is the reason why? All the single ladies, hey, hey!
This is sumpthin' to look forward to next year.
Time flies when you're having fun indeed... We had to leave the city with a heavy heart. Hopefully, we'll see NYC again soon. 

The ride home (with Joy behind the wheel) was quite a revelation though.



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