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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Coughing Like Hell

I dunno what happened but I got sick after our New York trip. My throat is itchy, which would eventually lead to my coughing. Not fun at all...

I already bought some cough medicine and Cepacol. Hopefully, they would ease the pain.

By the way, I did my research. For dry cough, y'know, that damn itchy throat, you need Antitussive. This will help you stop coughing. My boo-boo is that I bought an Expectorant, which is for the other kind of cough (wet). This will help you cough more and release the mucus.

And some say that honey helps cure cough. I've never tried that.


Anonymous bengers said...

honey and cinnamon...

get well soon don. heard from joy that everyone's getting sick..

2:26 PM  

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