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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Equus on Broadway

Even though I don't know how to skate, I looked forward to today's first event--Skating at Wollman Rink in Central Park. It will only set you back about 20 bucks including the rental fee. I don't remember the skating stuff that Ogz taught me before but my instinct told me to just take it easy. I will be watching "Equus" on Broadway later and I don't wanna enter the theatre on a stretcher.
I stayed very close to the edge where I could grab the wall anytime I feel like slipping. Only Joy & Ogz know how to skate so they disappeared quickly. The rest of us are just beginners.

I'm proud of myself 'cause now I could advance for a few feet without the aid of the wall. I need more practice though.

Autumn in New York is just plain lovely. You can see trees in different colors. I really the first one.
Had our lunch again at Burger King. I don't like eating fastfood much so next time I visit New York, I need to know the places to go to where my tummy won't feel shortchanged.

The nice thing that happened though is that we finally saw the Parsons School for Design, made famous by the show, "Project Runway". It's just right in front of BK. I wanna shout, "Designers, make it work!"
Ogz & I rushed to Broadhurst theatre (same place where Les Mis was held last year) to catch the matinee show. I was, like, coughing and panting when I showed my ticket to the usherette.

The biggest surprise of the day was that our seats got upgraded. Instead of seeing Daniel Radcliffe from the 20th row, we were ushered in to the 5th row. OMG! The theater gods like me. Remember early this year when I won the raffle for "Wicked"?
Since this is not a musical show, I didn't expect lavish productions but the stage looked nekkid. There are four big black boxes at the center and along the walls hung 6 metal horse masks.

Then came from behind 6 tall muscular guys in brown pants. They approached the walls and wore the masks. A half-naked unibrowed Daniel Radcliffe then appeared and hugged one.

The child psychiatrist played by Richard Griffiths (also Uncle Vernon in Harry Potter) started talking to the audience about his patient, an interesting boy who blinded 6 horses. That's how the story started.

Flashbacks here and there. I like the way the characters sometimes stay in the background with their backs to the audience, instead of totally leaving the stage. I like how they studied the head movements of horses.

Radcliffe was really good. He's got intensity (in the eyes alone) and especially when he's delivering such strong lines. I like how he chose a theater role very un-Harry Potter-ish.

After the show, one of the actors announced that they'd be asking for donations. They're also selling signed posters ($250) and Playbills ($100). Ugh! Why so expensive! They also announced that the actors won't be coming out for picture taking anymore. Bummer!
Before joining our friends again, Ogz & I walked along Times Square. Got ourselves some free Starbucks sampler too.
We had fun shooting these photos (Color Accent, anyone?):
Of course, since we're already in Times Square, we must go to Hershey's and M&Ms stores.
We checked out the Rockefeller Center before heading home.

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