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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Joy's Birthday Celeb

Since we can't celebrate on Wednesday (we're having Thanksgiving in NYC), Joy decided to hold her birthday party in advance. It's another steak & wine night. Sweet!

As usual, Rene did the grilling and steak cooking while Joy cooked the shrimp. She did the orange-flavor & garlic thingie again. I garlic. Yum-O!

For our side dishes, we had grapes and sweet corn. We thought of getting broccoli but Mich doesn't eat brocs. We thought of getting carrots but I and Jett don't eat that orange veggie. So corn it was. We bought a lot of wine too. All thanks to Joy.
For dessert, we had some fruit platter and strawberries dipped in whipped cream & melted chocolate.
We brought out the chocolate cake for Joy. We couldn't decide whether to give her a Hello Kitty candle or a Batman. I found cute Crayola candles but it ain't my birthday =oP
We had another singing contest and this time, we raised the bar. No score below 90. No singing the usual songs. I got 96 on "Sweet Love". Freya got 95 on "You are my Song". Ogz got 93 on "Ben".

Poker was next. We sang various songs while playing. We talked about our nicknames: JR (Ogz), Niño (Rene), Win (Alwyn), Jetjet (Jett), Dondon (Don) but when it came down to Mike, he just wouldn't reveal it. So we teased him a lot. Ogz thought he's called Ipe 'cause Philip is his second name. I thought he's called "Pepé" which also refers to a female body part. C'mon, Michael, just say it.

Once again, Happy Birthday (in advance), Joy!


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