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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Low Key

Regine Velasquez has just released a new 2-disc album, under Universal Records, called "Low Key". It is quite refreshing because for the first time, the Songbird didn't give us her signature earth-shattering notes like in her recent hits, "Dadalhin", "Till I Met You" and "Shine".

Because of a leak in the actual recording of the album, YouTube has a raw version of "No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors". If that's any indication to what the album is all about, I'm pretty excited now. Regine's voice is soothing and very pleasant. Good news to most listeners because they can now sing along to her music anytime, anywhere. "Birit" is not required anymore.

I can't review the album yet 'cause my friend, Nikks, hasn't given me her Christmas gift yet ;oP

What I can do now is help in the promotion of the album. Here's the list of songs (some of them are my favorites too):

1. Tell Me That You Love Me
2. And I Love You So
3. I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love
4. I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me
5. No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors
6. Good Friend
7. How Can I Tell You
8. Of All the Things
9. Longer
10. At Seventeen
11. She's Always a Woman
12. Never Be the Same
13. Strawberry Fields Forever
14. Weeping Willows, Cattails
15. Leader of the Band
16. Walk in Love
17. Clouds Across the Moon
18. Christmas Is

The last song is cut from Jim Brickman's latest album. It's about time that Reg started to collaborate again with other artists.

Aside from that, the second CD is a minus one. We, Filipinos, ♥ singing!

I also heard that this album will be released in Asia.

Lastly, special thanks to Lester of RegineMultimedia.com for providing me with the image. Regine looks so fresh in this poster, don't ya think?

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