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Sunday, November 30, 2008

More NYC Shopping

Unlike our other NYC trips, this time, there's no rushing around nor a need to wake up early. I like that. I can relax while completing my Christmas shopping.

First on the list is... shoes. I haven't bought shoes in a long time. The one that I have right now badly needs adhesive. Which reminds me to get Mighty Bond soon. Anyhoo, I trust two brands when it comes to footwear: Kenneth Cole and Ed Hardy.

So Joy, Ogz & I rode the subway. We took the ACE train to 14th street. Then we looked for W 13th Street and found the Ed Hardy store after a few minoots of walking.
Instead of getting an Ed Hardy shoes, I found a chocolate brown highcut strapdown shoes from Christian Audigier. It has the Immaculate Heart design. Luv-eet!
Since the Chelsea Market is just around the corner, we had our lunch there. We're hoping to see the Food Network studio but we got intimated by the phone controls near the lifts. I don't think anyone could just walk in to the studio.
Next stop was Century 21, New York's Best Kept Secret. Why? You can find items there that are cheaper than what you can find at Marshalls or Ross even. Imagine a fleece blanket for just 7 bucks? The drawback? It feels like SM Cubao inside. Too freakin' crowded.

Before heading home, we shopped some more along Fifth Avenue. I bought a pair of pants at Armani Exchange. The sales associate gave me 30% discount. Hallelujah!

We also took pictures of the Macy's store window designs:
Macy's created this huge version of the Claw Crane you see at the malls. Instead of picking up toys, here the kids could pick up a balloon and drop it in a chute and then a star will be created out of it. It's looks fun to play with.
And here's how it looks like inside the Macy's store. Pay attention to Joy's bags ;oP

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