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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quantum of Solace

"Quantum of Solace" started where "Casino Royale" left off. Which means, those who haven't seen the first may be getting some "hmmm?" moments during the first part of the movie.

The first car chase scene and the running around the plaza was so-so for me. I like the jumping-off-buildings scene in "Casino Royale" more. But the scaffolding fight was an edge-of-the-seater.

I dunno but I got a Bourne-sque vibe in the close hand-to-hand combat scene in Tahiti. The dogfight scene was refreshing. We normally see car chases only.

The ladies here failed in comparison with previous Bond girls. If I were Daniel, I'd complain. Why did Pierce Brosnan get all the hotter babes? Hally Berry, hello?

The villains don't look scary to me too. The sidekick even had a bad day at the salon.

Like what my friend, Freya, noticed, James Bond didn't have any down time in the movie. Am sorry, ladies. No trunks scene here.

The finale was really executed nicely. The director had fun with explosives.



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