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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Steak and Vino Night

It all began with the crab feast. Now, Rene and Joy have continued to whip up some delish meals every Friday night. Last time, we had some crispy pata & lechon kawali with a sabaw-pa-lang-ulam-na bangus sinigang. This time, we raised the bar with a steak & vino meal.

Rene did the grilling and he finished with cooking the steak in the oven for a few minoots.

Joy took care of the side dishes-corn, grapes & sweet potato. The potato took a long time to cook so it served as a dessert too. Joy put some cinnamon on it and sumpthin' else (Joy, help me out).

The real dessert was our favorite: strawberries with whipped cream and melted chocolate.

We bought 3 types of wine: Shiraz, Pinot Noir and my fave, White Zinfandel. What more can you ask for!

Now, my voice ain't in its tip-top shape yet but I joined in the karaoke singing contest with Freya & Ogz. Freya got a 97 on a Corrs hit, "All the Love in the World". I tried singing "My Heart will Go on" but only got a 96. Ogz sang "Miracle" while Alwyn gave us a Martin Nievera classic, "Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin".


Anonymous Joyish said...

Its cinnamon, marshmallow puff and butter (so thats about 10000 calories hahaha)

1:00 AM  

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