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Sunday, November 09, 2008

White House

Whenever we go to DC, we only see the White House from a distance. That changed today. Jet's uncle gave us a free tour of this famous place. I knew Jet would be good for sumpthin' someday ;oP
We went through security first. Felt like we were undergoing airport security. We didn't have to remove our shoes though but electronics were a no-no. Jet took all of our gadgets and waited outside. Only 6 peeps are invited per tour and for this group, we have Michelle, Freya, Joy, Rene, Ogz and me.

The Library is well kept. No book out of place. It looks straight out of a movie set.

The Vermeil room, used to be a billiard room, is now home to portraits of First Ladies.

The China room contains china pieces that the President and family use.

The Green room was once Thomas Jefferson's dining room. It's now used for receptions.

The Blue room is often used to receive guests. It also houses the White House Christmas tree. Although, according to Jet's uncle, each room contains a Christmas tree during the holiday season.

The Red room was used as a breakfast room by John Adams. This is also a favorite among the First Ladies.

The State Dining room can seat 130 guests at dinners/luncheons. Jet's uncle pointed out that there's a prayer carved into the fireplace mantel and before eating, the President and guests will pray this.

The tour ended there. We didn't get to see the West Wing nor the bedrooms. But it was quite an experience. I felt powerful while walking along the hallway or inside the rooms. Thanks, Jet, again.
After the tour, it's time to check out what's happening in D.C. But first, others needed sumpthin' hot to drink while others needed to relieve themselves. While Joy's having her brekky, a scene from a Disney film was happening right before our eyes. Plump birds and a very friendly squirrel approached her. I was waiting for Joy to break into a song. Well, Ogz provided the score. It was a joy to watch.
'twas festive near the area where the Washington Monument is. "Walk Now for Autism" was taking place. Joy thought about Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy.
We had lunch at the Air & Space Museum. We had 3 options: pizza at Donato's, McDonald's or Boston Market. I chose the first one.
We visited the Wright Brothers section and had fun posing with 'em. We also saw the actual Wright Flyer which was built in 1903. Notice how the pilot must lay on his tummy to fly the plane? I'm happy to be living in this day & age.
This is the Zeppelin bomb that didn't go off. I was imagining it blowing us all into smithereens!
Since the rest of the guys haven't taken a photo with the Capitol yet, that's our next destination.
Last stop was the Natural History museum. The girls were excited to see the infamous Hope diamond.
There's a photo contest exhibit and here are some of my favorites. The Lion photo is the grand prize win-nuh:



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