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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Woodbury Shopping, Part Deux

Still not satisfied with our 3-hour shopping last night, we went back to Woodbury after having our brunch. Allan cooked us some sausage, eggs and fried rice. Gotta have some energy for another day of shopping. We bid goodbye to the couple and thanked 'em.

The outlet store is like 15 minutes from their place. Kinda neat since Woodbury has got to be the BEST outlet place I've ever been to.

Of course, we all had to visit A|X again. Even though some of the prices went back up, they still had last night's good deals. Hallelujah!!!

Before meeting up Joy & Ogz, I visited G-Star RAW, a Dutch clothing company. I was able to buy a sweater and a tee shirt. Am happy ;oP

Around 5, we left this shopping place for another shopping place. We continued our shopping at Jersey Gardens, which is like an hour away. Last year, it was Tom who were with us. Found nuthin' at A&F, Hollister and Lucky Brand Jeans. I was able to buy sumpthin' for mom though.

Afterwards, we headed home to Hackensack where Kuya Vans & Tina live.

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