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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Best of Both Worlds

For lunch today, Joy, Ogz and I, along with Jon, Linda & Kristie, went to this place called Clyde's in Broadlands. Linda made us choose between Clyde's Willow Creek Farm and Tuscarora Mill. When Ogz found out that the former has more stars to its rating, we opted to go there.
It has a country feel to it. Outside, it looks like a barn, which reminds of "Equus" right away. Inside, the place is decorated with pewter dishes, pictures of different birds (Jet won't like this place), carriages and Chinaware. The place is HUGE!

Kristie recommended the calamari for appetizer so I ordered that. For my main meal, I got the Filet Mignon. I requested to replace the mashed potato with fries. The food was good. I enjoyed the calamari. My steak was really tender and juicy. I didn't like the spinach that came with it though. Gave some to Ogz.

We thanked Jon for the lovely lunch treat.

A few hours has passed and it's Happy Hour time. Hugh invited us to join them at the Dock's in Lansdowne. OMG! I badly needed a drink. For the past few days, I've been werkin' my bum off. This is a nice treat.

Ordered mojito and sampled the appetizers. The bacon-wrapped shrimp that we ordered took a very long time. And when it arrived, the bacon was so paper thin, it was useless.

Chatted with Jeff, Ogz, Jen and their friend, Mary while enjoying free beer. I wanted to try the Blue Moon but they didn't have it so they gave me Hot Top instead.

Before parting ways, we had a brief chat with Hugh when everybody else has left.


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