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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Highlights of 2008

Since it's the last day of 2008, lemme just reminisce on what happened in '08:

January. Flew back to Ashburn, VA. Was assigned to a project in Greenville, South Carolina. Became friends with my colleagues (& a certain four-footed friend) in Greenville. Came to love Indian cuisine. Did geocaching for the first time. Saw the MacBook Air for the first time. Started hotel living, airport hopping, and to earn miles from United Airlines.

February. Tom, Ogz & I went to New York. I won in the "Wicked" raffle which entitled me to buy the Broadway ticket for only 26 bucks (usually a good seat costs 300++). Only 13 names were called. I was so freakin' happy. Bought my MacBook Air (my baby). Came to love Ed Hardy.

March. Bought a Kenneth Cole bag for my MBA. Attended the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC. Vicky, our friend in Greenville, introduced us to so many good food.

April. Attended a candle party in Greenville. Ogz & I tried Greek in Alexandria. Knottydon goes Emo.

May. Got my Wii Fit. Went to Six Flags with friends.

June. Disney joined the clan. Was reassigned to a project in Indiana. Visited the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Went back to Alexandria with friends.

July. Went back home. Lost thousand bucks in my carryon luggage =o( Saw the Manila office for the first time. Visited family in Boracay. Met Disney for the first time.

August. Renewed my L-1 VISA. Got my iPhone 3G at long last. Went back to the US. Attended my company outing at Hershey Park. Went to New York again with Joy & Ogz. Visited Chelsea Market. Bumped into Janice Dickinson.  

September. Attended Arts Festival in Alexandria. Began my addiction to A|X.

October. Spent Halloween in New York. Attended the Hot Air Balloon Fest in Historic Long Branch.

November. Watched "Equus" on Broadway. Went ice skating in Central Park. Thanks to my friend, Jett, I was able to see the inside of White House. Watched Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in NYC and saw a bunch of Hollywood stars. Shopped at Woodbury Premium Outlets. Bought my Christian Audigier shoes.

December. Went back home again. Completed my coin collection. Wine drinking in Tagaytay (thanks, Nikks). Visited my family in Boracay.  

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