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Monday, December 08, 2008

Low Key, A Music Review

Got my CD today from Nikks as her early Christmas gift. Thank ya, Nikks!

Here's my review of "Low Key", the latest album of Regine Velasquez from Universal Records:
Tell Me That You Love Me - the carrier single and a sure-fire hit. This would make a Regine fan out of anyone. It has that magic that only the Songbird can deliver! The last line, "So far away", is just so freakin' beautiful.

And I Love You So - a Don McLean original. I think this song hits home so much for our dear Songbird. Listen carefully to the lyrics.

I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love - another piano intro. I'm beginning to see a pattern here... The chorus part is wonderful. Can't wait to sing this song using the free minus-one CD. Only 350 pesos for a double CD. Regine loves her fans, eh?

I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me - I love this song. She also customized the song.

No Walls, No Ceiling, No Floor - my favorite in the album. Easy listening. Just the voice that has been in my heart for more than 20 years now.

Good Friend - nice song. A nice barkada song.

How Can I Tell You - Regine kinda sounded different here. I think she's channeling Lani Hall in her voice.

Of All the Things - I think this song has been revived so many times already. Next track please.

Longer - What? She already sang this song in her past album, "R2K", as part of a medley. Next time, no rehash of a rehash, gurl.

At Seventeen - the intro doesn't sound like the melody of the original intro. And my dear, Reg, it's "Lacking in the social graces" not "Locking in...".

She's Always a Woman - Regine has sung this song many times in her tv shows and past concerts. But lemme say, I really like everything about this arrangement, even the bonus whistling from our Songbird. She dedicates this song to her Mommy V, by the way.

Never be the Same - not familiar with this song at all so I can't compare it with the original.

Strawberry Fields Forever - I know that Reg loves the Beatles. I don't like this song much.

Weeping Willows, Cattails - now, what's wrong with "Pussy"? I don't get it why they have to change the title. Gordon Lightfoot, the composer, would be fuming mad if he finds out. As far as the song is concerned, there's sumpthin' Evanescence-sque in her voice here.

Leader of the Band - if Reg dedicated the song, "She's Always a Woman", to her mom, this time, she's giving tribute to her Papa, Mang Gerry. Is it just me or she sounds like Allison Krauss here?

Walk in Love - this song fits Reg's voice to a tee. It's nice to drink while listening to this song or dance slowly with your loved one. Y'know, the pa-sway-sway dance ;oP

Clouds Across the Moon - I admit the first time I heard this version, I didn't like it. It has grown on me now. Acquired taste?

Christmas Is
I would've loved a slower Christmas song from Brickman/Velasquez team a la "My Grown-up Christmas List" or "Breathe of Heaven" by Amy Grant.

Did Regine get the inspiration for her cover album from Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten"? Be the judge.

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