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Friday, December 26, 2008

Meet Lance Angelo

This nephew of mine is fun to be with. At 7, I could already ask him to do things for me. I've never had a younger bro/sis so it's fun to be a King when I'm with him ;oP

After my daily bath, he & Fiona would put powder on my back. That's an automatic task for them. Whenever I need something, they get it done for me. Sweet!

Lance loves pizza. We like to order this Italian pizza and he could eat the whole thing in 5 minutes. I am not kidding.

At nighttime, he sleeps beside me. Sometimes he uses my arm as his extra pillow. The problem is, Lance is a Sleepwalker and a Sleeptalker! What a combo! Last July, he woke up in the middle of the night, stood up and made some movements like he's playing Wii. And then last night, he was doing some control adjustments like he's flying an airplane. Remind me not to teach Lance kickboxing!

He likes to play "Counter Strike" and "Topple" & "Speedboat" in my iPhone.

He is a work in progress too. I need to teach him how to use the serving spoon and cover his mouth whenever he coughs.



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