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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meet Princess Fiona

This pretty niece of mine is super sweet. She is also a copycat. Whatever her Kuya says, she repeats.

Fiona is also moody. You won't hear anything from her after she wakes up. She just doesn't wanna talk.

She is also her Kuya's PDA. She reminds him constantly to pray and say grace.

Some say that I look like her. I dunno. Maybe it's the dimples.

She may also be Japanese. Her favorite expression is, "Tito Dondon, raro tayo!" (Uncle Dondon, let's play!)

She beats the hell out of her Kuya in Wii Boxing.

She likes to play "Crazy Penguin Catapult" in my iPhone.

Lastly, Fiona burps like a man... a BIG man!



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