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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tagaytay Weekend, Part Two

When I woke up, I heard my friends commenting about the nice view of the nearby volcano from our bedroom. I had a mild hangover so my mind was somewhere else.
Took a quick shower and joined my friends at the breakfast table (setup at the patio). Everyone was there. We were served fried bangus, omelette, corned beef and luncheon meat. I still had no appetite but I had to eat something. Good thing coffee was served too.
Tagaytay Highlands was our first trip. David and friends frequent there for badminton. I heard from Nikks that he spends 3 hours playing badminton. And when we saw him there later, his game was intense. He played doubles with his boyfriend, a trainer and a driver.

We urged Table to play too. She bought some outfit at a nearby store before joining them. They played 2 games and in both games, our friend's team lost. We shouted, "Nice game, David! Nice outfit, Table".
Afterwards, we checked out the place. They have an indoor basketball court, pingpong tables, Wii games, computers and swimming pool. Outside, they have cable car, pools and gardens. Perfect for another photo op.
Before joining David and his friends, we had a few drinks. I ordered some Gatorade 'cause I still wasn't feeling well.
We left the place around 4 and went back to David's home.

Another drinking session ensued. Nikks was telling everyone that she wanted to get drunk. So they kept on pouring the wine. We had some cheese, ensaymada and century egg to go with the wine. My tummy was screaming for more food. Nikks gave me some palabok.
David decided to continue the fun at the Peak bar. We had a detour at some wine store.
'twas already dark and foggy outside. Shine drove for us. Nena replaced Nikks in the car and he's got a bottle with him. Good thing we brought our glasses with us. We were advised to bring it home safely.

When we reached the resto, it was so damn foggy & windy outside. We kept on laughing at Nikks who's having a Marilyn Monroe moment.
For dinner, we had shabu-shabu. The hot soup & noodles was delish.
Afterwards, we went back home for more singing & drinking. David would stand on top of tables, the couch or even walk up the stairs and disappear for a moment while singing Bocelli songs. OMG! what a worst day to lose my voice! Once more, I passed out.



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