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Friday, December 12, 2008

Teloworks' Christmas Party '08

For this year's Christmas party, Ogz & I were tapped to be the hosts again. Joy took a break (or retired, as she calls it) and Freya replaced her. Belolats took care of the program flow and she briefed us a few times before the party started. The theme is about 4 different era, from 50s to 80s. I was hoping to be included in the 60s or 70s so I could wear a Fro or become hippie but I got the 50s.
Anyhoo, we had a red carpet section where the guests could smile with their eyes on cam. William, Ony, Richard and Sherwin were the camera crew.
During registration, we found out right away who our Kris Kringle babies are. Turned out that I got William and I bought him his first wish, a Tribu pair of shoes. I'm excited to know who my mommy/daddy is. We got a token from the party committee. We also had some tequila shots while waiting for the others to arrive.
Due to technical difficulties and the directors coming in late, we weren't able to start on time.

Somebody named Sheryl said a small prayer. Mims gave her opening remarks--cut down to two minutes. After introducing the different groups, we informed everyone that it's time to eat. And since we're the hosts, we asked to be the first served. In short, we cut in line at the buffet.
The food was good. The spaghetti was a tad oily. The lechon was also good but the server didn't give me a meaty piece. Bummer! I forgot to get vinegar for my grilled pork. The iced tea was "bitin" so I had beer afterwards.

There's an AVP about what happened during the year. I saw photos of the summer outing (which I missed), the performance planning, and Halloween (which I missed too). Unforch, they didn't include the Ashburn pics. Oh well, maybe next year...

Exchanging gifts was next. We requested Joy & Alwyn to demonstrate the process. Of course, there was a kiss at the end ;oP I grabbed my gift and gave it to William. I hope he likes his new Tribu shoes. Then I was alone for a while. Oh no, maybe my daddy/mommy is absent and I won't get anything =o( Then Michelle approached me and handed me her gift. When I opened it, it was my first wish, a portable vacuum cleaner. OMG! I've been wanting to have one of these!!!
We had three games spread out through the night: "I-Wrap Mo Ako" where two representatives from each group would have to wrap a stuffed toy with their eyes blindfolded, "Sticky Game" where all the ladies from each group would have to stick tapes on body parts (of a male representative) starting with a given letter, and lastly, the "I-Baby Mo Ako" where the 3 male participants from each group would have to drink beer in baby bottles. The most enjoyable game was the second one. Even the... ehem... sensitive body parts were not spared from the sticky tapes.
Raffle prizes were given away, of course. Too bad JW ain't here to give away some techy gadgets but still, peeps just love free stuff. Luck was on my side because I won a Turbo Broiler. Does anyone know some nice recipes?
The three big guys from Ashburn sent us some wonderful messages. JC entertained us with his version of "Pasko Na, Sinta Ko". Rick & JW sent us a message and the latter even Elfed himself ;oP

Special awards were given too. Peeps who were never late got a certificate and 1K. Nickoman got a certificate & a watch for being with the company for 5 years. Bambi got a Survivor award. Wacks got an Enterpreneur Award for transforming his cube into a mini sari-sari store. Gene & William got the Best in Costume awards. Beng & I both got Fashionistas of the Year awards.
Some peeps sang. Some peeps danced. Some peeps drank. Some peeps did all of the above (like me). Unforch, I lost my voice again so no "birits" for tonight.
Congratulations to the peeps behind this party.

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