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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Trip to Bora

Before leaving Bulacan, I asked my neighbor if I could rent a vehicle so my trip to the airport would be faster. I don't think I can handle stress if I miss my flight. Thank God, I got one. I paid the driver 2500. We reached Terminal 3 at noon.

My flight is at 2:15 so I immediately looked for the check-in counter. When it was my turn, I was advised to step aside first. Not a good sign.

I found out that the President used the airport all to herself this morning. Which means, all other flights got pushed back. Sonofa!

Cebu Pac was still looking for a flight for us. The 3 o'clock flight got delayed till 6 pm. Instead of Caticlan, they'd travel first to Kalibo and travel for two hours back to Caticlan. That means, they'll reach Boracay around 10. It's not an option for me. 

After waiting for several minutes, I was informed that my new flight was at 2:30. Not bad.

I paid 200 for the terminal fee. Looked for a place to have lunch. I found Hen Lin and bought some siopao and siomai.

At 2:15, I went to my gate and found out that my flight got delayed again. We were told to wait. Crap!

At 3 pm, we were informed that our flight leaves at 3:50. Ugh! I was already praying that I won't spend the whole afternoon in the airport.

While waiting, I bought some Mrs. Fields cookies for my family in Bora and got myself some coffee.

At 4 pm, it was time to go. Finally!!!

After an hour, I got to see Caticlan airport again. I claimed my bag quickly and found a tricycle that would take me to the Jetty airport. Paid 75 bucks. Another 100 for the Environmental Fee and Terminal Fee. After a few minutes, I got to see Kuya and Lance again who picked me up at Cagban.

Very happy to see Mommy, Angela, Fiona and Disney again.

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