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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Visit from Joey & Joe

Two familiar faces appeared in the office today, Joey & Joe, our friends from Singapore. Mega-chickahan ever.
We had dinner at a nearby resto called Mom & Tina's, a place where we see many customers eating all the time. Joey, Joe, Ogz and I all ordered their pork barbecue. Raz got some steak, I think, while Jhie ordered some pasta. The food was just otay. Ogz commented that it tastes like something you can get at some outdoor food stall. Table joined us later and ordered the barbecue too ;oP

Around 9, we looked for a place where we can have a few drinks. Bistro 101 in Palanca street, it was.

Ogz, Raz and I had to go back to the office for some demo. Regrouped again around 11 pm.

The catching up continued until 2 in the morning. I miss all my friends in Singapore. Hopefully, next year, we could all visit the place again. Maybe, celebrate my birthday there once more. Do some shopping. Watch the Formula One race. Let's see....


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