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Monday, December 15, 2008

A Visit to Makati Med

My cough got so bad to the point of embarrassment. I decided to go to Makati Med and have it checked.

I didn't know the procedures so I asked Beng for some guidance. I went first to the second floor and looked for the corporate office of Asian Life. It's located near the Female ward.

When I got there, I stopped by their glass doors, waiting for it to be opened from the inside. Waited a few more seconds. Nothing was happening. I was looking through the glass and nobody was minding me at all. Turned out that it is not an automatic door. I had to push it open. Fuck! Now THAT was embarrassing!

I quickly signed some form and was informed to go to the third floor and looked for Room 323. Went up the stairs and looked for my doctor.

Another tip, there are two hallways. If you can't find your room number, it could be on the other side. For a while there, I though I was being PUNKed.

During my checkup, I found out that my meds for my hypertension, Atenolol, is not good for asthmatic patients. Well, I haven't had any attack since my college graduation but my doctor gave me new meds. I visited Mercury Drug and got meds for my cough and hypertension.


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