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Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 Plans

Everyone is hopeful during the start of a new year. It's like starting with a clean slate once more. Some peeps think about resolutions. Used to be one of them. I give props to those who are disciplined enuff to follow their list.

Instead of resolutions, I wanna share with you my plans though.

Numero Uno. I'm gonna save up for a DSLR. I am SO done with Point & Shoot cameras. I was telling my friends that you can really see the BIG difference in quality. Quality is never compromised. The only prob is, once I have one, you'll see less and less of me as the subject. Uhm, in case you haven't noticed, I kinda like to be THE subject ;oP

I've visited NYC, like, 4 times last year. I shall put the Big Apple in the back burner for now (will make an exception on Thanksgiving though). I wanna explore different places this year. Hopefully, I'll get to see New Orleans in Feb. I also wanna visit my evil twin sister in Chicago. Maybe another trip to Vegas perhaps? Oh, my friends & I plan to see Singapore again in September. I wanna celebrate my birthday there once more.

I will hit the gym once more. I wanna shed some pounds. Lots of it. Right now, I'm eating less rice and drinking less soda (more water). Hope that helps!


Anonymous Charo said...

If you still want to have the portability of a point and shoot while having the quality of a DSLR, you may want to take a look at the Panasonic Lumix LX3. It sports a Leica lens. A few of my photographer pals (including Alistair) bought this camera and have been more than satisfied with the performance as well as the quality of the shots.

I tried out the camera as well and I must admit, if it weren't for the fact that I'm gunning for a Sony Ericsson C905 I really would have bought the camera as well! (Aside from the fact that I'll end up wondering what I'm going to do with my DSLR if I had the LX3!) It's 29,000 pesos at Digital Walker GB5. But since you're going back to the US, you might find it cheaper there.

Oh! And the nice thing about the LX3? The video quality is HD. SWEET! :D Honestly, give it a look-see.

9:39 AM  
Blogger knottydon said...

Thanks for the tip, gurl. I shall look into this camera. I wanna see the output first.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Charo said...

Check out the photos taken by users of this camera here: http://flickr.com/cameras/panasonic/dmc-lx3/

Also, here are the blogs of a couple of friends of mine who recently bought the camera.
Leigh Reyes isn't a photographer, but she works in the advertising industry. All the photos and videos since her Dec 12 post "Sailor Cross Music Emperor" were taken with the LX3. http://www.leighreyes.com/blog/

Ealden naman is one of our software engineers. I *made* him buy this camera late December since he was looking for a nice camera din. He has no clue about photography and no clue on post-processing. The albums (CWC Wake Boarding, Road to Pili, Matukad Beach, Tabgon Ricefields, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Tabgon Island, Guijalo Island) were all taken using the LX3.

Hard sell ba? :D

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Charo said...

I forgot to mention...

Aside from the usual JPG, the camera can also shoot in RAW. :D

3:47 PM  

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