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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!

Our New Year's celeb is plain simple. We didn't buy fireworks 'cause I think they're just a waste of moolah. What matters is, we have food on our table.

I helped prepare our dinner. I thought lumpiang shanghai would be a click with the kids so I cooked that. I asked Kuya to cook the pancit bihon and sugpo.

A few hours before midnight, the father of Angela arrived with the MagicSing. This time, I enjoyed the session more because my voice is coming back little by little. I was able to sing "Ben", "Total Eclipse of the Heart", and "Love Hurts". Yay!

Kuya & I went to our neighbor's house and drank some wine & beer.

A few minoots before midnight, we regrouped and kissed and hugged one another. Of course, there's a photo op. I dunno why we're all wearing red (or orange for me).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome Donish!

Thanks for sharing your life with me / us!



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