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Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Have Nothing

It's my first time to fly Japan Airlines. My friends say the service is nice. Since I got zero sleep the night before, I passed out during the four-hour flight. Good thing, when I woke up, there's a sticker informing me that I could get brunch anytime I want. And this is what they served me:
The pork was tasty. I think the yellow shredded thing there is egg. Neat-o! The choco dessert was yummy.

Japan airport was huge. We had to transfer (by bus) to Terminal 1 where United/NW is located. I was given a boarding pass but I didn't have a seat yet so I had to request for one before I boarded the plane at half past 4. The nice thing was I'm a Premier client so I was one of the first peeps to get on the huge plane ;oP
For entertainment, I watched "Eagle Eye". Shia was his usual self. Running. Acting scared. Being the hero. I enjoyed the film. I also caught up with episodes of "Desperate Housewives" & "Gossip Girl". Good to see Chuck again in B's arms. Same goes with Dan & Serena. J is being a good girl now. Where is Nate? 

For dinner, I got some beef. For brekky, I got noodles. 'twas delish or I could just be hungry.
I'm glad I got to catch some shuteye. Usually when I travel, I don't get to sleep at all. Even in a 12-hour flight such as this one. That's why, I'm jealous of Ogz. This friend of mine could sleep VERY easily. There's this one time, we haven't left the runway yet and his mouth was already open. Teehee.

Lunch was a choice between pasta or omelette. I opted for the former. Bad decision.
We touched down on Dulles at 2:30 pm. I immediately took my spot in the non-US citizen line. First question to me by the immigration officer was, "Do you still work for Telos?" I said yes. He asked me what my job title is. And then he wrote some stuff down. Then he asked me to do the finger scan thingie. When it's time to look at the camera, he said, "Look at the camera and sing the last verse of Wowowee". What?! He said that it's becoming a national anthem now. I told him that I don't watch it. Teehee. Then we chatted about the weather. Before leaving, he told me to get some rest 'cause it was a long flight. OMG! I want all officers to be like him ;oP

Found my luggage right away and then exited the airport. I quickly got a cab to take me home.

Then bad news. I have no phone, tv nor internet. Bummer! I called Linda at work and told her about my situation. She informed me that she'll pick me up for grocery shopping in a few minoots. At least, I'll have food for the weekend.

After my bath, I heard a knock. It was Linda. We went to Harris Teeter to buy some stuff. She also informed me that I'll get back my home entertainment and car by Monday. What an interesting weekend it's gonna be!

Around 8 pm, there's another knock on my door. It was Hugh. I told him about my situation. He offered to give me the key to the other apartment. Sweet! I could go there to call my family and get online. Thank God!!!


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