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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm a Weight Watcher

Am dead serious about losing weight. I went to the gym yesterday and burned 400 calories on the treadmill and stationary bike. I haven't been to the gym in a long time, y'see. I'm just happy to burn some cals.

And today, I attended a Weight Watchers meeting. Registration came first. You have to pay 144 bucks for the weekly meeting which runs for 12 weeks. I found out that it's the last meeting of a certain batch and the new batch will start the week after. Anyhoo, I stayed.

The receptionist took the weight of the participants before they took their seats.

Marilyn, the speaker, is very entertaining. She's lively and energetic. She discussed the balance between the food we love and the Filling Food. She showed Ring Dings which is equivalent to 8 points (will tell you more about this later). And then she brought out grapes, English muffin, orange, nuts, etc. which is also 8 points. She pointed out that the other stuff are more filling and will get you through the next meal compared to the 2 choco cakes, which will make you eat more. The key to losing weight is volume but few calories.

So what is the Food Points about? Well, each food has a corresponding point. The higher the number, the more fatty or calories the food has. So stay away from them.

You will also know how much points per day you need to consume. Based on the gender, age group, weight, height and type of work that you do. Mine is 29 points. WW doesn't want you to deprive yourself of the good stuff. You are given an additional 35 points per week. So it's up to you how to use 'em. Uhm, the unused allowance doesn't carry over the following week ;oP

Let's go back to the Ring Dings. You can still eat it though. But, you have to do some activity afterwards. Calories in, calories out.

There was a raffle at the end of the meeting. We put our name tags inside Marilyn's bag and she picked out a name. The winner got a WW magazine.

After the supposedly 30-min meeting, I went back to the registration and signed up. Told ya, I'm serious. I was given my Food Points guide and a book about getting smarter in choosing food. My weight was checked too. Too bad I wore my thick & heavy jacket so I don't think my weight was THAT accurate. Anyhoo, next time, I'll wear something light ;oP



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