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Friday, January 09, 2009

Lunch Reunion with Chel & Anet

While walking towards Sentro where we'll have our lunch reunion with Chel & Anetski, Ogz & I bumped into Raz. Perfect, we only need to wait for our other 2 friends from overseas.

First to arrive was Anet. We quickly asked what's going on with her life. She shared with us her interesting situation at work. All I can say is that, we're still lucky ;oP

We found out that finally, after 7 years, she has seen Batanes. She went there with Lala, Sym and some other friends. Speaking of Lala, it's been 4 years since I last saw my good friend. I soooo miss you, La!!!

We ordered lunch: tofu sisig (a must!), corned beef sinigang (house specialty), garlicky adobo (must try) and diningding.

Chelita arrived as soon as we finished the tofu appetizer. She brought us some chocolates ;oP

Of course, we talked about the old days, other friends and plans. It's just FUN to catch up with barkada. Laughter was non-stop.

We continued the chat at Cafe Breton. We ordered La Pinay crepe and coffee. I was planning to order cappuccino but instead of stating it as it is, I wanted to say, "Ca-puh-kee-no". But I couldn't do it without bursting into laughter.

We informed our friends that we're planning to go back to Singapore in September. Hopefully, it will be a more grand reunion for all of us. Again, La, I miss ya!

* photos will be posted later



Blogger lala said...

miss you too donish!
4 years na ba? parang naka dreadlocks ka pa yata nung huli kitang nakita?
sana matuloy ang birthday celebration mo dito sa september. mwaa!

2:12 AM  
Anonymous beng said...

ang tagal nman ng photos :)

4:47 PM  

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