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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Mo' Craving for Soda

Knottydon is fond of soda. He loves drinking 'em while having lunch and dinner especially if the food is delish. He consumes at least 2 cans or glasses a day. Sometimes he forgets to drink water. Now that is bad since he gets this extreme lower back pains whenever he hadn't drunk water for a long time.

Starting this year, he decided to lessen his soda intake. Maybe gradually ending the drinking altogether. Just like w
hen he was in college, he actually gave up drinking soda for a year. The following year, he stopped eating chocolates. That dropped his weight to 130.

Now, knottydon is overweight and is trying to fix the prob. Little by little, he's watching his diet. He is drinking apple juice now instead of Coke or Pepsi. He loves "Simply Apple". The funny thing is, Coca-Cola company made it ;oP



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