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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Patron-ize Me

Am not really a fan of tequila. I remember when I was still working in St. Charles, IL, my colleagues there would order tequila and we'd all take 7 rounds of shots. Shot after shot. That made me really wanna puke. Of course, that won't be "cool" to do. So I faked that I enjoyed it.

I don't do that crazy 7-round thing anymore. I still drink tequila occasionally. But after, like, 9 shots, I say "no" to it 'cause I know, I'd be spillin' my guts out, literally.

Then, Joy & Ogz introduced me to Patron. They say that it really tastes better than Mr. Cuervo. I've been wanting to taste it. The prob is, it is not cheap.

Last Friday night, my jaw dropped when Joy pulled this nice looking green bottle out of a paper bag. Couldn't contain myself after that. I soooo wanna taste it right there and then.

First shot was really nice. It was smooth. Mmmmmm.... I savored the taste in my mouth and throat.

Went back to Jose Cuervo after the third round (we only got a small bottle).

We introduced poker to Karen, Joy and Ryan. Am happy that I wasn't the first one out. It wasn't my lucky night either. I remember only winning once with a straight. Karen emerged the winner.

After finishing the second bottle of tequila, we thought of continuing the fun with beer. Joy & Jet bought some at a nearby store. We setup the MagicSing and sang our hearts away till 2 maybe.

This time, Karen, was the first one out. She positioned herself on our couch and started dozing off. Jet, too, was a casualty. Kids!


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