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Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Got this from my friend, Vicky. I'll also post this on FaceBook.

Now, this is difficult 'cause I've already written 100 Random Things about me-self. I'll try to be creative again:

1. I share my birthday with Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Christopher Reeve and Will Smith. What a wicked league!

2. When I go shopping and I find an item I really love, I buy it. I don't care usually how much it costs. This has always been my problem.

3. I fell in love with the Mac in '95. I used to teach Adobe products on the Mac too. So when I got my very first Mac last year (2007), I was the happiest!

4. I wanna buy my own La-Z-Boy someday. There's this one time, I found an old orange La-Z-Boy in someone's yard. I brought it home. Too bad, I was in IL then. I wasn't able to bring it home to Manila =o(

5. I've memorized 90% of the songs in "Miss Saigon". I've seen it twice even. First time in NYC and second in Manila. I was extremely happy to watch/hear the original Kim, Lea Salonga.

6. I wrote one of my dogs a poem the night he died. I could still remember his sad face.

7. When I got bit by my puppy, Butter, I thought I'd die. I was already thinking about my funeral service.

8. My mom used to call me, "Salva", which is short for Salvador. When a kid overheard this, she asked, "Baket po, Salva? Salvahe po ba sya?" (Why Salva? Is he bad?)

9. I love grocery shopping. I enjoy looking at different brands and just walking down the different aisles.

10. I prefer thin crust pizza over thick or deep dish. I love 'em meaty.

11. I hope someday I could go on a cruise.

12. The first item that I ever bought with my first credit card was a pair of Bally shoes.

13. The first CD that I bought was the "Yentl" soundtrack. I know all the songs there.

14. I love listening to Jim Chappell when I have my bubble baths.

15. Am a huge fan of Bath & Body Works' "Black Currant Vanilla". From lotion to body wash. Very sensual smell.

16. I could finish a bottle of garlic peanuts in one sitting.

17. My favorite ice cream flavor is Magnolia's Chocolate Marble. Am not a fan of Rocky Road. I want my ice cream to be smooth. Don't like anything extra in it. No mallows. No peanuts. No fruits even.

18. Speaking of fruits, I'm not the biggest fan of fruits. I only eat a handful: apples, grapes, strawberries, bananas, watermelon and melon.

19. The longest I've driven is from Virginia to New York.

20. First time to drive in Manila was only last year. From Makati to Tagaytay. I don't know how to drive a manual transmission, y'see.

21. Beringer White Zinfandel is my favorite wine.

22. From short to long, with highlights, with color, skinhead, dreadlocks to Emo. I have tried various hairstyles. Next project: Afro.

23. I wanna experience an authentic Oktoberfest.

24. Am such a night owl.

25. I wanna have my nipple(s) pierced.



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