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Friday, February 27, 2009


Joy rented this movie but I was too tired to watch. I actually fell asleep during the first few minutes of the film. I had to get a copy so I could watch it fully. My friends told me that it's really good.

I noticed right away how bony thin Angelina Jolie is in this film. There's this one scene where she's nekkid and you can see her ribs sticking out.

Anyhoo, the story is about a mother who lost her child. After a few months, the cops informed her that they found her son. Only, it's a different one and the police was quite insistent that it IS her son. But how can a mother not know? Too bad they didn't have the Maury show back then where they could get some DNA testing ;oP

But there's something more to this missing-child case and it is QUITE shocking & disturbing!

I won't reveal any more deets but after watching this film, Angelina truly deserves to be nominated for her acting. She actually won a couple too!

Go watch it and don't forget your tissues.



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