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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The General Motors Crash Diet

Ogz's kuya Vans tried this crash diet and has lost 10 pounds in just 7 days. No kiddin'. This program was designed for the employees & families of GM. It's also FDA approved so there's nuthin' to worry about.

Here's the deal:

Day One. Fruits, fruits, fruits. All you can eat fruits, with the exception of bananas. Watermelons and melons are highly recommended. 10 glasses of water.

Day Two. Veggie day. You can start your day by eating one baked potato. Then it's all you can eat veggies the rest of the day. 10 glasses of water.

Day Three. No potato and still no banana but it's a mix of fruits & veggies. Again, eat as much as you can. 10 glasses of water.

Day Four. You can eat as many as 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk. My friend, Tina, combined the two and made some milkshake ;oP This is for the potassium and sodium that are missing from our diet. 10 glasses of water.

Day Five. It's beef and tomatoes day. Hamburgers are allowed but you can only eat, at most, 2 10 ounces of lean beef. 6 whole tomatoes must be eaten too. Increase water intake by a quart.

Day Six. Beef and veggies. I think, so far, this is the looking-forward-to day in this program. You can eat as much beef (for iron & protein) and veggies (for fiber) as you want.

Day Seven. Fruit juices and veggies. You can also eat brown rice but I'm not a fan of this.

The more I read about the program, the more I wanna try it out. I'll let you know if it worked for me.



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