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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The House Bunny

If you just wanna relax and get entertained by a silly movie, then "The House Bunny" is for you.

The story's about Shelley (Anna Faris), a Playboy House Bunny, who got kicked out of the mansion and found herself in the company of misfits from the ZETA sorority. Since she's basically homeless, she applied to be the House Mother of ZETA.

The movie has a "Legally Blonde" feel to it but Anna's type of comedy is way different than Reese's. She can deffo play the dumb and sexy blonde. In this movie, she looks like one of those bunnies (minus the ginormous boobies).

Of course, what's Playboy Mansion without Mr. Hefner himself. He made a cameo with Holly, Kendra and Bridget in tow.

Katharine McPhee is just plain gorgeous. Emma Stone (Natalie) reminds me so much of Lindsay Lohan (back in the ole days).

Watch out for the transformation of the ZETA girls.



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