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Friday, January 30, 2009

Lunch at Wegmans

For lunch today, we're able to dine at Wegmans. It's been awhile since we last went out as a group. Usually, we have meetings in the afternoon so we can't just eat out anytime we want.

I love the food at Wegman's, most especially, their crispy shrimp pockets with sweet & sour sauce. Yum-O! I got some of that and then I took some spicy chicken, snow peas and tofu. Plus, a small amount of rice. I really enjoyed my meal. We had an option to eat at King's Buffet but the food here at Wegmans is waaaay bettuh than King's.

I also brought my colleague, Jan, with me. He usually eats by himself at his cube so I figured he could use a better ambiance. He shared a story about one of his hiking trips where he starved for a few days. He had already consumed his 12-day worth of food. When he reached town, his first meal was McDonald's. He got so sick afterwards.

Fast forward to late evening. Since it's Friday, we played poker. Again, I invited Jan to join us. He wanted to learn the game so I let Ogz explain the rules. Richie, Jet, Ryan and I jumped in to help Ogz. It was quite a feat for us to explain the rules in English. Nosebleed moment.

In the first game, Jet won. I was the last one out. It was a David & Goliath moment. Anyhoo, since it was still early, we had a second game. This time, Jan won. I guess beginner's luck is true 'cause last time, it was Karen who won and it was also her first.

After Jan bid goodbye to us, we had a little videoke session. My voice wasn't in good condition. Crap!

Ogz & I also tried the videoke feature in MySpace where you could actually record a video of yourself singing a song. You could also win tickets to concerts and meet your favorite artists. If you're the best interpreter of the song, that is.

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