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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reunited with Weight Watchers

Determined to get back to WW program (my friend, Linda, scolded me for not continuing), I left my cube around 11 and looked for our new meeting room. I wasn't informed that they moved to a new location. I thought they just stopped meeting totally. No phone calls, no e-mail whatsoever.

Anyhoo, I found the room after asking our HR.

I greeted our leader, Marilyn and her assistant, Sharmaine. I told them about my situation. Marilyn thought I left the company. Teehee. Anyhoo, I weighed in and Sharmaine congratulated me. I lost 3.6 pounds! I flashed a big smile. So I did lose something!

Then we listened to peeps sharing their weight loss. Somebody reached her 10% goal. We congratulated her by clapping our hands.

Listening to these success stories inspires me to reach my own personal goal. I'm 4.9 pounds away from my 5% goal. So maybe in the next week or two, I could finally get my first star. The General Motors diet is very tempting.



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