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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bowling in Leesburg

After office hours today, we (Ogz, Joy, Richie, Ryan and Faye) went to Village Lanes in Leesburg to meet some of our colleagues. When we got there, we saw Daejuan, Nick, Jeff & Jen, Mike and Mary. They were occupying lanes 21 & 22 so we got 23. Joy offered to pick up Karen back in Ashburn.

We rented shoes and got some bowling balls. I got a 9 for starters. I can't remember my usual bowling ball weight. Yup, it's been that long.

I entered the names: Richie, Augster, Donish and Yan. The girls didn't wanna play yet.

For our first game, I didn't do well. I only got 82. Second game, I got my highest score—122. In the middle of the game, I switched to 12 lbs. (colored green ball). And for the last game, I got 108.

I'm happy with my score ;oP

We ordered pizza, onion rings and beer. I didn't like the pizza. So ordinary.

Around 9, we called it a night. We payed for our 3 games and the shoes. It set us back 8++ bucks each. Not bad.

The ride home was fun too. Ask Faye.



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