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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Preparing My New Office Cube

Two Saturdays ago, we headed out to the new office in Sterling. It's very near the area where the Olive Garden and Sweetwater Tavern are. It's ALSO pretty, pretty close to Dulles Town Center. Very good news to us ;oP

Joy, Ogz and I helped in directing the movers where to put stuff. Ogz was given this floor map where the cubes/offices are numbered. We helped carry some items too.

Once I got my box, I started arranging my stuff and threw away some old docs. I was the first one to finish 'cause I only have a few things. No computer yet. I'll be given my PC maybe next week.

My cube is right in front of Jon C's office and I could see David H in his office through a glass window. Joy and I have adjacent cubes and Ogz sits right next to her. We're very close to Dennis Brew's office and the exit.

Looking at my cube now, I noticed how bare it is. I might get a fishbowl or a plant or a living thing.


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