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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Royal Caribbean Cruise, Day Three

Ugh! Woke up with a bad hangover. I couldn't enjoy my brekky. My friends advised me to drink lotsa water. Drank a strong coffee and agua. Ogz gave me some Excedrin.

It's Bahamas time. We docked at Nassau Port. Before leaving the boat, we're advised to bring our SeaPass card and an identification card. Most of the shops in Bahamas will be closing at 3 'cause it's Sunday. We need to make the most out of our time here.
We're welcomed by a local who offered his services but it's too expensive for us so we turned him down. Plus, we know where we wanted to go and what to do.

We took a taxi boat ride to Paradise Island. The tour guide explained that most of the houses that we see along the way are owned by celebrities. He also mentioned that the bridge-looking connection between the Atlantis hotels ain't a bridge but rather a suite called the Michael Jackson suite. You have to pay 25 grand a night for you to stay there.
First thing we did was to ask where the beach is. We passed through different hotels and walked a few distance.
When we found the beach, we had the mandatory picture taking session, sunblock application and tested the waters. This is WAY better than at CocoCay's. The sand is much finer and no sharp rocks!
Afterwards, we checked out the area. We found this lagoon where hammerheads are swimming! We enjoyed taking pictures of the scenery. Joy mentioned that there's a big aquarium down below but I didn't check it out anymore.
Around 2, we headed back to the port. We still had to buy some souvenir stuff.
I got a Bahamas tumbler from Starbucks. We also exchanged our US dollars for Bahamas dollars for keepsake. I also got some magnets ;oP

Then all of a sudden, we noticed that Cathy wasn't with us anymore. We had to look for her. We checked all the souvenir shops and cafes but still no Cathy. OMG! At 3, I finally saw her standing at the corner where we'll supposed to meet should we head back to the boat. She had this worried look on her face too. Whew!

We haven't eaten anything yet so we went back to the boat. Cathy opted to stay 'cause she still had to buy some more stuff. It turned out that she was held up by some Filipinos asking some info. I thought she got kidnapped.
Anyhoo, we had our super late lunch at the cruise ship. I made my own crepe.

Went back to the cabin and started packing our stuff. A bunny was waiting for us. Yesterday, it was an elephant. Cute!
Around 6, Cathy suggested that we took pics of the sunset. We can't believe it's our last night here. So sad.
Then it's time for our last dinner on the boat. I ordered some steak, ice cream and parfait.

Next, we attended a musical show. Songs like "Fallin", "Georgia On My Mind", "Proud Mary" were performed. We wanted our photos taken with the performers so we stayed a bit. There's a Filipino named Roy Rolloda in the group (not surprised) and we chatted with him a bit. He was very friendly. We got his Facebook account too.
Adult comedy show was next in our list. The comedian who entertained us last Friday is back. Funny as ever.
Ricky's back to host a game called "The Quest". It's like a "Bring Me" game. We were asked to group ourselves into 10 participants. Then he'd ask for an item or a task that someone would do for the group.

It started out tame. He asked for a purse, a baby picture and a set of keys. As the game progressed, it got wilder and naughtier. He wanted to see a girl & guy with tattoos (none here yet), with piercings other than on the ears (none yet), pink undies (I volunteered Joy), a guy in woman's shoes (I got this one too), a couple showing their favorite sexual position and two guys showing their sexual positions. 

Then he wanted two guys that would take their shirts off for the rest of the night (I was one of them) and then one of the half-nekkid guys that would wear a woman's clothes (Joy surrendered her gown for me). Oh man!

Ricky asked the guys in woman's clothes to showcase their beauties up front. We're asked to state our stage names too. My "Thrilla from Manila" didn't have any impact on the audience though.

Then he asked us to circle the area to get votes. I don't think I could walk in heels so I removed 'em.
It was a crazy night alright!

Then the party started. Cathy found Dingson, a Filipino in the entertainment crew. He introduced me to Craig, one of the singers. Craig recognized me from the karaoke the night before. 
We danced with our other team members also. I recognized some familiar faces on the dance floor: Chris, the guy who bought us free Patron shots the first night, along with his brother, John; a guy we call "Jonas Brothers" because of his curly locks; a guy with a nice bod with terrible dancing skills; and the wild sisters.

We bid goodbye to our Filipino bartenders/friends. One of them actually lives near Joy back home.

The party lasted till like 3. So effin' drunk!



Anonymous cath said...

grabe! sobrang miss ko tong gimik na to!!! may hangover parin ako of the fun we had till now!

thanks don for blogging this... ilang ulit ko na sya nabasa but i still wanna read it over and over again!!! super saya talaga to! :)

10:41 AM  
Blogger knottydon said...

Lahat ba ng part binabasa mo or may specific portion lang ;oP

By the way, we just got the photo CD. Tomorrow send na ni Ogz yun CD to you and Trix. Excited kaming makita yun rest of the photos. Baka include ko yun iba rito. Thanks a lot!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous cath said...

oo noh! binabasa ko lahat from day 1 to 3 plus the miami... pero may 'special attention' sa ibang parts... hahaha!!! naman! :)

oo nga, long over over due na un pictures, padala nyo na! :)

10:45 AM  

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