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Monday, March 23, 2009

Thai Basil

After watching Bobby Flay go head-to-head with this woman from a restaurant near our place, we all thought we should give it a try. The woman's name is Nongkran Daks. She owns "Thai Basil" restaurant located in Chantilly. It's, like, less than 15 miles from Ashburn. It's actually beside a Filipino store that we frequent to.

When we got there, we saw a lotta people eating. That's a good sign, right? There are a lot of photos of Nongkran (and Bobby) from the Food Network show posted on the walls. 

We all tried their infamous Pad Thai. You can choose what meat you want included in your noodles. Of course, I got shrimps. I think Karen ordered chicken. She also ordered spring rolls. Ogz got himself the spicy Tom Yam Goong soup.
The food was delish! OMG! If ever you visit Northern VA, you should deffo try it!

I had my first taste of Pad Thai when my friends visited Thailand a few years back. Our friend, Dennis, introduced us to this street food and, at first, I didn't like it. I dunno if it's the texture or what. But when I was assigned in South Carolina, I tasted there the most delish Pad Thai ever. Now, this Pad Thai from "Thai Basil" tops it.

Before leaving the place, Nongkran approached us and we chatted a bit. She's super friendly! She shared some of her personal stories too. We told her that we wanted to attend her cooking lessons because we soooo love her food.



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