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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vampire Wars

My friend, Jet, introduced me to this game called "Vampire Wars" in Facebook. He's got this thing about creatures of darkness (i dunno why). Maybe, he's one of them for all we know.

Anyhoo, the game involves you fighting against fellow vampires. You have a clan to help you out. You can invite peeps into your clan through Facebook ads. That's one way of socializing too. My technique is getting peeps from the other side of the world so they can fight for/with me while I'm sleeping in my coffin...er, bed, I mean.

When you fight, you also level up. I'm now Level 14 Modern (Noble and Primeval are two other types) Vampire. You gain experience points when you fight or do missions. But remember to consider the clan and skills before you attack a fellow vamp.

You have stats too where you can see how many fights you've won or lost, completed missions and your skill levels. Speaking of which, when you have money (in the form of blood), you can buy skills, such as invisibility, demon summoning, or even raise zombies.

Watch out 'cause if a vamp doesn't like you (like, holding a grudge for getting attacked), they could put a bounty on your head--like what happened to my friend, Jet.

Just a tip on blood: other vampires could get blood from you when they attack you and you lose the fight. Don't forget to deposit it in the blood bank for keepsake. 10% will be taken off of it though. 

The game is really fun and simple (which I like). 

Sooo, got blood?

Newsflash: Somebody put a bounty on my head and this sebco vampire has ripped me apart. Ugh! I put a bounty on his and found out that he's been killed already. Talk about karma!

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