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Thursday, March 26, 2009

War, War is Stupid

I only play 2 games in FaceBook: Texas HoldEm Poker and Vampire Wars. Lately, I've been playing the latter more. Am addicted to it really. 

Anyhoo, what I don't get is that, when you play one game, peeps expect that you play the others too. For example, in Zynga, there are LOTSA similar games to Vampire Wars. There's Mafia Wars, Fashion Wars, Dragon Wars, well, you get my drift. 

And I wanna tell the peeps that I don't play any one of them. I get daily invitations which irritates me. Good thing that Facebook has the ignore feature.

Also, I built my Vampire Wars clan up through forums. Right now, I've made, like, 500++ friends. That means, I get daily updates from them too. Ugh! I hid most of them ;oP (don't tell)



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