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Saturday, April 18, 2009

An Apple Experience

I couldn't find the extension of my power cord so I called Apple and requested for one.

The representative informed me that the replacement will be for, like, 15 bucks (including shipping). A few minoots later, I got a confirmation e-mail from Apple. Turned out that he ordered me the small power adapter thing that connects to the wall. I don't want that. I still have that, in fact. I want the long cord that connects to the power adapter.

I called again. This time, the representative found out that I still have an extended warranty so I can get the replacement for free. Yay! I specifically asked for that long extension thingie. I don't want them to keep sending me the wrong part. She assured me that she's going to give me that extension cord. Whew! And for free ;oP

So I just need to wait tomorrow or Monday for my cord to arrive in the mail ;oP


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