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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back to Great Falls

My friends and I headed down to Great Falls for an afternoon picnic. We bought chicken at KFC and booze at Giant. We made sure that we've got activities too. I found a 3 dollar frisbee at Target and Ogz brought the poker chips & playing cards.
We reached Great Falls before 2 pm. We just paid 5 bucks.

We quickly looked for a table. Found one but a guy in yellow shirt informed me that they already reserved it. There's one nearby so we grabbed that one.
At last, we're able to enjoy our late lunch. Had chicken, corn on the cob, mac & cheese and rice. Joy baked brownies last night so we had that for dessert.

To burn all those cals, we played frisbee. My coach would kill me if he sees me now. I lost all the skills. Herbert & Ryan are good. The rest of the guys joined in the fun: Ogz, Onaks, Alwyn and Jet. 'twas a good exercise.
It's poker time. We went back to our table and brought out the cards, the chips and the booze. We had to pour the beer from the inside of a big paper bag.
Then it's time to check out the falls. It's my third time here so I know what to expect.
One nice thing about being in a park is that peeps bring their pets too. I've seen and petted so many dogs. This cutey patootey here is named Joy.
We played some more frisbee before calling it a day. I got better too. Turned out I'm a better thrower using my left hand.



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