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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cherry Blossoms '09

Last year, we checked out the Cherry Blossoms in DC with Ogz's brother, Vans, & his wife, Tina, plus a bunch of their friends. This time though, Ogz & I came with Joy, Karen, Alwyn, Richie, Jet and Onaks, who just arrived yesterday.
Instead of wasting time on looking for a parking space (last year it took us almost an hour to find one), we decided to take the Metro. It's a lot easier and convenient for all of us. Joy drove us to Dunn Loring station. From there, we paid like 2.35 for a ticket to Smithsonian. It's like 13 stations away.
As expected, there are a LOT of peeps who wanna witness the blossoms so we decided to get the return tickets right away.

Once we reached the mall, we looked for sumpthin' to eat before checking out the blossoms. Everytime we go to DC, we always end up eating at Mickey Ds (ugh!) or a hotdog stand. It's the latter again this time.
The only consolation is that we found this very adorable and very white & fluffy dog. I started to pet him and he decided to go for first base right away. I dunno if he smelled the catsup in my mouth. It also happened to Joy ;oP
It's time to check out the Sakura (cherry) trees. This time, I didn't forget my tripod. I think that digicams should be sold with tripods. It's always a prob on who wants to take the photos (thus getting excluded in the picture).
We also had fun taking jump shots. During our last Bahamas trip, I found my signature jump shot. We call it the Charmee jump. So freakin' funny!
Walked around DC and goofed it up for the camera.
When Jet is with us, we always have a grand time teasing him about his favorite living thing—birds. When we get too close to ANY type of birds, you can bet your bottom dollar that Jet is like a mile away. So if we were to choose between the company of birds and Jet... well, hello? We heart birds more.
Since we still have to travel back to Ashburn, we called it a day around 4ish. We also had to find a decent place to eat. That place is Outback in Sterling.

I tried their 9 oz. Outback Special with lobster & mushroom toppings. Joy also bought a Bloomin' Onion for the group. Hunger satisfied!



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