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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ocean City, Day One

Never been to Ocean City before so I’m pretty excited for our weekend trip.

We (with Karen, Onaks, Ogz and Joy) left Ashburn around 9 in the morning. We had to get ice first at Harris Teeter and Joy had to buy her tanning lotion. Then we headed down to Sterling to get some brekky at McDonalds.

It took us about 4 hours to reach Ocean City. We got excited when we saw the Boardwalk and kites flying everywhere. That looks fun!
We looked for our hotel named Spinnaker. It’s located on 18th street on N Baltimore Ave. Joy already booked us a room so we just needed to get our keys.

Our room could easily fit 6 peeps. We have a view of the ocean but not as expected. We also have a small kitchen where we could reheat our adobo and rice. We took care of our hunger first. We were so hungry that the 5 cups of rice that we intended to eat through dinner wasn’t enuff.

We also drank the champagne that Joy bought for us. It would’ve been more enjoyable with strawberries but we forgot them in the fridge back home.

It was time to check out the Boardwalk. This reminds me so much of Atlantic City. Unlike the one in AC, this has more “open” stores though. Lovely ladies in bikinis. Guys in board shorts exposing their tattoos & abs. Lots of peeps with their pets (sweet!). We saw different merchandise being sold with OC prints. Peeps eating fries and funnel cakes. Children playing in wooden structures. And kites flying everywhere.
We saw a Ripley’s store (there’s also one in Atlantic City) and an amusement park on the 1st street. That was a long walk though!
Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel ‘cause we still have to cook dinner. Joy will cook the ever sinful lechon kawali. Ogz will cook some fried chicken skin. Mmmmmm....
While eating, we couldn’t help but think about how the food would clog our arteries and we’d all drop dead.

After dinner, we went out to see what's goin' on at the Boardwalk. We stopped by a bar called "Bad Ass Cafe" and had a couple of drinks. I tried a shooter and kept the shotglass for souvenir.

We then went back to our hotel and played poker on the hotel balcony. But after a few minoots, we got a call from the lobby. Somebody complained about our noise. We were not even noisy! So we took everything back to our room.

We had Patron (courtesy of Onaks) and consumed only half of Jose Cuervo. As usual, we laughed our bums off when we’re drunk. Ony won the game.
Around 4 in the morning, Joy had this crazy idea. She dared us to take our slippers off, run to the beach and submerge our legs (knee high) in the cold waters. And we did it… twice!



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