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Monday, April 27, 2009

Ocean City, Day Two

Woke up around 11 already. Joy already cooked brekky for us. Sweet! We had bacon, eggs and rice ;oP

Around 12ish, we're all ready to go to the beach. I bought this Tommy Bahama beach mat from Marshalls and I was excited to use it for my sunbathing. We made sure that we put on sunblock first. I was really concerned about my new ink.
I can also feel some kinda pain on my left ankle. Maybe from last night's running on the sand. Am trying not to put too much pressure on it.

Ogz & I played frisbee but I really suck at it so I stopped. Onaks took my place and I started my natural tanning session. Joy & Karen were on either side of me getting their tan too.
They also tried the beach but the water was too cold so we decided to check out the pool in our hotel. I didn't swim. Again, mightily concerned about my tattoo.

Around 2, we looked for a place to eat. Found a crab house along Philadelphia avenue called "Higgins".

We ordered medium-sized crabs with corn on the cob, mussels (Karen's request) and shrimps (Onaks' request) with butter & garlic. Too bad they don't have rice. Happy Fiesta!!!
After an hour or so, we headed back to the hotel and packed up our stuff.

After our late checkout, we went back to Boardwalk and took some more pictures. Karen & Joy had henna tattoos. We also looked for magnets but couldn't find a nice one though =o(
After reaching the 1st street, we went back to our van and headed home. Reached VA around 11. We immediately looked for a place to eat and IHOP was the choice. We tried KFC but they no longer serve chicken. WTF!



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