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Sunday, May 17, 2009

At Trinoma

So the two Davids are here in Manila. I saw David Archuleta last Thanksgiving Parade in New York. He's cute as a button and always smiling. I wanna see David Cook perform but there's nobody to go see the concert with =o(

In an interview, Archie expressed his interest in meeting the Asia's Songbird, Regine. What can I say? The boy got taste! Apparently, he's heard a LOT of things about her (maybe from Ramiel Malubay). I wish Regine didn't have her own US concert tour. She left the day after Archie & Cook arrived. It would've been great to see them in a duet @ SOP.

Anyhoo, it's boring in Bulacan so I checked out Trinoma. I plan to have a new hairstyle. My hair is in the still-growing phase so there's no definition/body yet. That irritates me. I guess I'm not that patient.

First I did some shopping. I saw Archie singing in Eat Bulaga the other day and he's wearing this checkered shirt. I want a similar one. Fortunately, I found one at Topman. I quickly bought and wore it right ay-way.

I went inside Toni&Guy and scheduled an appointment @ 5. I didn't have any preferred stylist so the lady behind the counter chose their English stylist, Paul Ashton, for me. He's the Technical Director a.k.a. BIG GUY there, so he must be really good.

So at 5, I went to meet my hair stylist, Paul. I told him that I want body and texture. He gave me that so I'm quite happy. Too bad he's going back to HongKong soon. I was honored to have him do my hair.
With plenty of time still, I checked out "The Spa". I took a quick warm shower first and then spent 15 minoots in the steam room. It was late so I was happy that I was the only one in the room. I was given a glass of water by one of their male attendants.

The massage, I must say, is pretty good. I advised my masseuse not to put oil on my tattoo. When she was massaging my butt, I tried hard not to giggle.

For me, they offer the best massage in the metro. Good thing, there's a branch near our office. I'll have one again in 2 weeks ;oP


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