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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bringing Back Cable & Globe Services

A lot of To Dos today. I need to go to SM Fairview to have my broadband reconnected and pay for my phone bill. Plus, I so want a foot and body massage.

Allen, our neighbor, accompanied me to SM. I told him to go to Smart to ask about the reconnection while I go to Globe to pay for my huge phone bill. This is multi-tasking ;oP

Because of 3G that I used last December when I was in Boracay, my phone bill amounted to 23K++. I used my credit card to pay for it 'cause I don't have any cash with me. I know, it's bad to pay a debt with another debt.

I was told that my iPhone will be functional again in an hour or two. Too bad I left it back home.

Next, I went to Smart and talked to the associate myself. They didn't allow Allen to do my business for me. I didn't need to pay for anything but I signed some papers and presented my ID. I can do some blogging and access Facebook again tonight ;oP

Walked around SM Home to look for design ideas but didn't find anything inspirational.

For merienda, we bought some HenLin siomai. Best siomai ever!

We went to "Buff Spa" for my foot scrub. 30 minutes of foot pampering!!!

Then we proceeded to a spa and finally, I got my hour-long aromatherapy massage. This is the good life!


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